My name is Poppy Maclean. I live and work in Canberra, the capital of Australia. My ‘career path’ is eccentric. Opal cutter, salesgirl, jillaroo*, kitchen hand, screen printer, pathology museum curator, nanny, bureaucrat, diplomat.

My formal training is in Art, Languages, History, Occupational Health & Safety Management and, lately, Psychology. My work is writing and editing the Connections series and teaching cross-cultural communication skills to my foreign service colleagues and the Australian business community. Like most things, I fell into it by accident.

In Belgium in 1990, I met my first Bouvier des Flandres and it was love at first sight. Beautiful, rustic-looking, strong, clever, laid back and bombproof - who could imagine a dog with more? In 1997, Percy adopted me. Today she is my muse. A shaggy sense of humour on four skinny legs, a stumpy tail that wiggles "left right, left right", a grinning, happy black face and brown eyes to melt the coldest heart. She is my constant friend, my alarm clock, my personal trainer, my funny girl, my inspiration.

The drawings are a record of this love-affair with Percy. She’s an expressive, humourous character - ideal for cartooning - whether flat-out snoozing on my bed or leaping, helter-skelter through the paddocks. They are whimsical drawings, light-hearted, bright, instant and, above all, fun. I hope you enjoy them.

This homepage is dedicated to a special friend who also loves Bouviers. Thanks, George, for your encouragement, your wonderful sense of humour and your fine appreciation of the 'Blue Bouv'.

Poppy & Percy

*Jillaroo, a female Jackaroo - a farm hand - a cowgirl.


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The Bouvier graphics on this site are copyright Poppy MacLean, 1998.

Signed prints are available for purchase. For information please e-mail me.